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Cash for Cars service helps Salt Lake City's environment

Many Salt Lake Valley municipalities are more and more concerned about the problem of disposing of unwanted vehicles in their communities. Salvage vehicles are an eyesore, and are often left abandoned in empty lots, or left to fall apart in plain view.

Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing “Cash for Cars” service offers vehicle owners in Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake Valley area an easy way to get cash for their unwanted car, truck, or suv, and take care of cleaning up their community at the same time.

Our cash for cars service recycles everything on the salvage vehicle that can be saved and reused or recycled. Parts that still have serviceable life will be repurchased as a cost-effective replacement and an alternative to buying new. Parts that can be refurbished will be sold for re-manufacturing. Vehicle fluids, such as oil and anti-freeze, will be recycled or disposed of in environmentally sound ways.

All of this means that your old, ugly, unwanted vehicle will help reduce amount of raw materials and energy needed to produce new parts, and reduce environmental impact. When you take advantage of Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing’s “Cash for Cars” service, you help protect the environment, beautify your neighborhood, and improve your family’s standard of living.

Some car owners choose to dismantle their vehicle themselves, spend hours on the phone looking for the best prices, and then spend more hours dragging the parts from salvage yard to salvage yard, to make a few bucks. That’s the hard way to get cash for your car!

The easy way to get cash for cars really couldn’t be easier. Just pick up the phone and call us. We’ll give you a fair, honest quote for your junk vehicle, and we’ll even tow your junk car for free. When our driver arrives, they’ll hand you cash for your car, and tow your old, ugly vehicle away. It’s really that easy!


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