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Moving a shed in Utah? Here’s how to “Git ‘er done!”

Why bother moving a shed? There comes a time in every Utah shed owner’s life, when some tough decisions have to be made:  to move your shed, or not to move it – that is the question! When they’ve outgrown their existing shed, or they need additional storage space, for a lot of Utah shed owners, moving it is the answer.

Moving a shed may seem like a lot of trouble, but here are the choices:

1) - add on to the existing shed

2) - tear down the shed

3) - deal with it and the lack of storage space, OR…

4) - moving the shed

Let’s see how these options would play out…

If the shed is a part of the landscaping plan, or if it is situated close to obstacles, adding on may not be the best solution. In some cases, depending on the location of the shed, adding on may be impossible.

You could tear down the shed and replace it with a different, larger shed. However, sheds are expensive. If the existing shed is in good condition, why lose all that value when you could save a lot of money by simply moving the shed to a different location?

You could learn to deal with the lack of storage space. Anyone who has ever put up with a garage that’s too small knows how quickly that gets old. Constantly dealing with clutter and re-shuffling things to get to what you want, is frustrating and a time-waster.

You can move the shed. This can make sense for several reasons: you save money, you won’t lose storage space, and you’ll extend your storage options. We’ve found that most of our customers in Utah have at least one of these reasons for moving their shed – and sometimes, all three!

Moving a shed isn’t a complicated concept, but it has to be done right. Sheds are surprisingly easy to damage, and proper care must be taken to ensure the structural integrity isn’t compromised during the move.

DIY types are sometimes surprised to discover that – if you’re not experienced - moving a shed can take up a couple of days (not fun in our hot Utah sun!)

Sometimes, it’s just best – and quickest – to work smart, not hard, and call in the pros. Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing has years of experience moving just about any kind of shed you need to move.

Whether it’s a garden shed, garage shed, tool shed, storage shed, or work shed, we’ve get the experience and tools to “Git ‘er done” safely and professionally. All you need to do is call us at (801) 975-9422, and we’ll “git busy’ moving your shed anywhere in Utah!


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