Shed Relocating

Utah homeowners like a good shed; maybe that’s why relocating sheds is such a big part of our business!

A shed is an awfully useful thing to have around. But sometimes, to get the shed you want, where you want it, relocating it is the way to go.

There are all sorts of reasons why a Utah homeowner might think about relocating a shed. Sometimes the shed is too small, or there are drainage problems. Sometimes the shed blocks the light from the house, because it’s too close, or it’s on the wrong side of the house.

There are occasions when the current location of the shed doesn’t work with a new landscape design, or the owners are moving to another home. And sometimes, after a home has sold, the new owners don’t like where the shed is located, and ask for our help to tow it to a different location in Utah, or Salt Lake City.

If the shed is small, relocating it can be relatively simple operation and some do-it-yourself types like to attempt the task themselves. However, if the shed is large, relocating it can become a complex operation.

Inexperience and a lack of the proper tools can damage an expensive shed during the relocation process, sometimes beyond repair. Why take the chance? Call in the pros and get the job done right. Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing has 75 years of expertise and know-how. When it comes to shed relocating, we’ve got the expertise, equipment, and training to take care of your investment and relocate your shed the right way.

 To get a quick, no-pressure estimate for relocating your shed, call Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing at (801) 975-9422 today.