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Ready to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash?

You’ve had some fun times in your old car but – let’s face it – it’s a piece of junk now. Can you still get cash for this car?

You sure can! Selling cars for cash is a great way to get rid of your junk vehicle, clean up Utah, and make some quick spending money on the side. To get the most money for your car as quickly as possible, take these steps:

Find the title

You’d be surprised (or maybe you won’t) how many people try to sell their car for cash without having the title ready for the buyer. But a buyer in Utah (and most other states) can’t do anything without a car title.

So dig out that title from wherever you stashed it. If you can’t find it, you can obtain a copy or replacement title from the Utah DMV.

Calculate the value

How much is your clunker worth? Head online or to your local library and assess the value of your vehicle. The amount of damage and wear-and-tear will affect how much cash you’ll get for your clunker. But anyone who is interested in buying the vehicle will have questions about its damage and its condition. If it’s not running, the only value may be as a salvage vehicle.

Shop around

Call the junkyards in your area but also make sure to call Evans and Sons Towing. You’ll find a range of cash offers for your car, but you’ll also find some of these offers come with conditions.

Some yards don’t pay anything for non-running vehicles or vehicles they have to pick up. Some offers may charge you to pick up the car. Some buyers won’t tell you over the phone what they will offer, and then try to low-ball you when they show up, wasting your time.

You want a buyer, like Evans and Sons Towing, that will give you a fair price, up front, over the phone.  

Deliver Your Car

Now that you have a price, you need to deliver your car. If your vehicle is drivable, you can take it in. If it is not, contact an affordable towing company in your area. Most salvage yards will less for cars that they have to tow in to the yard. Evans and Sons offers cash for all cars and never we’ll come get your clunker for free.

Collect cash for your car

Have your title ready when we come to pick up your car, and our driver will hand you actual cash, on the spot. If you take your car to a salvage yard, or deal with some other towing companies, they may tell you that they’ll send you a check.

Not us! When Evans and Sons Towing tells you we give you “Cash for Cars” that’s exactly what you get!


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