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Shed Towing in Utah Made Easy

As a Utah towing company, we get a lot of shed moving requests. Most people here have backyards, and at least one shed; sometimes more.  Why would anybody go to the trouble of towing a shed? Lots of reasons!

Sometimes the homeowners are moving to a new residence in Utah and their new place doesn’t have a shed (or it has a shed that is too old or too small). It’s often cheaper to bring the shed they have with them, rather than build a new one.

Even when homeowners are not moving, there may still be good reasons for towing a shed. They may want to build a larger one in its place and move the smaller shed to a different location in the yard. Or they might want to remove the shed all together, and build something else – a garden gazebo or a swimming pool – on that spot.

Sp we get a lot of requests from Utah homeowners for towing a shed. But if you feel like having a crack at moving your shed yourself, here are some factors to consider before you start.

First of all, find out if you’ll need a permit to move your shed. In Utah, depending on where you move the shed within your own property, you may need a permit to have it in its new location. Check with your local zoning board before you go to the trouble of moving it – and have to move it again!

If you want to take the shed elsewhere in Utah, you may need a permit for towing a shed so that you can drive on the public roadways. Depending on the size of the shed, you may even need an escort vehicle. Your local public works office can advise you about towing a shed in Utah, so you don’t get pulled over.

Try to choose a day with dry, clear weather for towing the shed. Utah has lots of sunny days, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to work a find a good day for the task. Try to avoid moving or towing a shed on a damp or rainy day, since that will make the move more difficult.

For an experienced, professional towing company, towing a shed in one piece is a relatively simple job. But before you attempt to move the shed, it should be carefully checked for soundness and stability. If you are not experienced, it may be easier to disassemble the shed before towing, and rebuild it in the new location.

(Of course, if the shed is structurally damaged, it probably isn’t worth your time or effort to transport it.)

In Utah, moving a shed for towing is usually accomplished in one of two ways: either by raising the shed up on jacks and sliding it on to a flatbed trailer, or by using a series of rolling poles to move the shed some distance across level ground.

When you arrive at your destination, make sure you have the right foundation ready for your shed. You’ll need to be sure you are compliant with regulations for the local county or municipality in Utah, otherwise all your hard work towing a shed will be wasted!


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