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Towing a shed in Utah?

Are you interested in towing a shed to a new location in Utah?

Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing has special equipment specifically designed and manufactured for towing a shed or other small building and transporting it safely to another location in Utah.

Shed towing can fall into three rough categories:

Moving from one address to another – This involves the use of a trailer for towing the shed. The shed is transported from one Utah location to another, on a flatbed trailer. For this type of towing, access big enough for a truck and trailer (about the size of a large RV) is required).

Combination move – Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing will move the shed on the ground, by hand, for a short distance. The rest of the move is accomplished by towing the shed the rest of the way.

Disassembly and reassembly (D&R) move – This type of move is used when there is no room to get the towing vehicle into the yard to get the shed out. The shed must be completely disassembled, and towed to its new location in pieces. The shed is then reassembled in the new location. This is the most expensive type of move because of the time and labor involved.

Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing has years of experience towing sheds in Utah, but here are a few things you can do to make our life (and yours!) easier before we arrive:

-          Trim back overhanging tree branches from around the shed that needs towing. Do the same for shrubs and bushes around the building. His will help reduce the chances of damaging the shed during the move.

-          Prepare the surface in the new location. The annual freeze-thaw cycle in Utah means that the ground shed’s foundation should be prepared before towing. Have a stone pad, concrete slab, or concrete pillars in place, and ready to place the shed on.

-          Measure the shed before calling for a towing estimate. Also have the Utah pick-up and destination addresses handy for an accurate quote.

-          We can also move a garden gazebo, swing set, play set, or any other small structure.

If you’re buying a new home and to take your shed with you, or if you just want to move your shed to a different location in your yard – it’s easy! Just call Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing at (801) 975-9422  for a quote on towing your shed in Utah. 


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