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The Time to Find Emergency Accident Towing is Before You Need It

The chances are that each of us will need emergency accident towing at least once in our lives. In Utah, most of us have a relative, neighbor, or friend who can help us out of our jam. But if none of these people are available, you’ll need to find a reputable tow company to help you out of your accident emergency.

The first thing most people do is use their smart phone to search the Internet for “emergency accident assistance Utah” or “emergency accident towing Utah”. Doing this will quickly give you a range of options to choose from.  At this point, many people will figure all towing companies are the same, and simply call the first option that comes up in the search results.

But not so fast! Using the first name you see can get you ripped off and cost you much more than an emergency accident towing situation should.

Take a few minutes and do a little detective work to protect you, and your wallet from fraud, rip-offs, and just plain unscrupulous towing companies.

First of all, realize that unscrupulous tow operators know that you – in an emergency accident situation – are vulnerable and likely desperate. After all, that’s why you have to call a towing company in the first place, right?

Towing companies that will take advantage of your situation won’t hesitate to over-charge you. And many of these types of companies also hire poorly trained operators (if they are trained at all) who may damage your vehicle.

Even though Utah has laws to protect you from companies like these, if you get ripped off, good luck trying to get justice or reimbursement. And sometimes, good luck trying to find the towing company at all!

So what to do? Here’s a better idea: don’t wait until you need an emergency accident tow before you start looking for a reputable towing company. Do your research before you need them, and you’ll have a better experience.

When you search on the Internet, look for a Utah towing company that has a physical address. It’s even better if the company also has a website. Also look for a towing company that covers the Utah area you will be travelling in. If you need a tow, you want to be calling a towing company close to your location.

If you find yourself in a emergency accident situation, ask the tow company if they are local to your location. Also be sure to ask for their towing charges to your desired destination, and whether they charge you for the time it takes them to come from their location, to where you are.

It’s normal to want to get out of a distressing situation as quickly as possible. But take a deep breath and slow down when you’re in an emergency accident tow situation. You’ll be glad you did. 


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