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Before You Tow a Shed in Utah

We get often get asked to tow a shed from one location in Utah, to another. If a shed is small, towing it can be relatively simple operation and some do-it-yourself types like to attempt the task them.... read more

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Get cash for your Utah salvage tow

If you’ve been meaning to tow that old, junk vehicle for salvage somewhere in Utah, let us make it easy for you! We’ll give you the best price for your salvage vehicle, even if it’s damaged beyond re.... read more

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Moving a shed in Utah? Here’s how to “Git ‘er done!”

Why bother moving a shed? There comes a time in every Utah shed owner’s life, when some tough decisions have to be made:  to move your shed, or not to move it – that is the question! When they’ve.... read more

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Cash for Cars in Salt Lake City

We are currently offering $200 for your old junker car. We'll pay you cash and tow it away without charge. Give us a call! (866) 965-0442 555 Fulton St , Salt Lake City, UT 84104 .... read more

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