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Vehicle Removal: How to Choose A Towing Company to Haul Away that Old Junker

If you have been meaning to find a vehicle removal company to get rid of a junk vehicle that’s rusting in your driveway or backyard, you’ll find there are plenty of companies offering this service.

Search online for “vehicle removal” and you’ll come up with plenty of names. Problem solved, right? Not quite!

Before you make that phone call, dig a little deeper. Not all companies that offer vehicle removal services are the same. For example, did you know that you could actually make money off your old, unwanted junk car?

Yes, you can. But if you don’t choose wisely, it could cost you money, instead of saving you money, to have your junk car towed.

So what should you look for in a vehicle removal company? Here are some tips that will help you save the most, while enjoying convenience and service:

1. Most all towing companies offer vehicle removal of a non-working vehicle.

However, some of these companies will charge you a fee to tow the car, van, or suv. When you consider that the towing company is going to take that vehicle straight to a local salvage yard and get paid cash for it, that seems a little unfair, doesn’t it?

Salvage yards will pay for a vehicle that doesn’t run because they can sell the parts and the scrap metal from the vehicles. That’s why the least a vehicle removal company can do is offer to tow your junk vehicle for free.

2. In addition to offering complimentary towing, a towing company should offer to pay you for removal of your vehicle.

Depending on the condition of the vehicle, even a non-working car, van, or SUV can fetch quite a lot of money for the towing company. Salvage yards can refurbish the parts and sell the leftover metal profitably for scrap. This makes it worth their while to pay for junk cars.

3. Expect payment when you hand over the vehicle title.

For the vehicle removal company to be able to sell the vehicle for salvage, they must have the title. When you give them the title, you are transferring ownership of the vehicle to them. If a company tells you they will pay you later, calmly, but firmly, insist that you must be paid when you give them the title.

If this is your first time looking for a vehicle removal company, these tips will help ensure that you don’t get ripped off. Or call Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing instead. We will offer you a fair price immediately, pay you cash on the spot, and tow your junk car for free.

If you have a vehicle you need to get rid of, vehicle removal doesn’t get any easier than that!

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Choose a Commercial Rig Tow Wisely

If you drive a commercial rig for a living, needing a tow is more than just a pain in the butt. For drivers of commercial rigs, such as 18-wheelers and similar vehicles, needing a tow means lost time and money. These trucks are more than just a means of transportation. A commercial rig is their livelihood and, in some cases, home.

Driving a commercial rig isn’t for the faint-hearted. Drivers of these big trucks haul many different types of goods – boats, autos, hazardous materials, even homes – over long distances, and with long hours between stops.

Sometimes drivers have to spend many nights away from the comforts of home, as they focus on sticking to a tight schedule. When you consider all of these elements, it’s easy to see what a huge inconvenience needing a tow can cause to a commercial rig driver.

Finding a company to handle the task of providing a tow for a commercial rig isn’t easy, either. Although there are lots of tow companies, towing a commercial rig requires special equipment, and an experienced tow truck operator.

And it’s a time-consuming operation. Consider all the things a tow operator has to do before he can tow a commercial rig safely:

  • In an emergency situation that will require a tow, the commercial rig driver often has to apply emergency braking techniques. The result of these emergency measures can lock up the brakes. Before the big rig can be towed, air must be pumped to release the locked brakes.
  • The drive line has to be removed from the commercial rig before hooking up for a tow.
  • Tow lights and safety chains have to be installed for a commercial rig to be legally towed on the highway.

After the commercial rig is hooked up, the tow operator has to tow the big rig to the desired destination. Depending on where the rig is disabled, this could be a trip of several hours. Remember that a tow truck towing a commercial rig or combination tractor with a trailer will travel much more slowly than an unencumbered vehicle. A distance that can usually be covered in an hour, can easily take twice the time.

Once the commercial rig is towed to its destination, the tow truck operator has to unhook the safety chains and tow lights, and re-install the drive line properly.

If each of these procedures are not handled by an experienced tow operator, the commercial rig driver is likely to experience even more frustration and down time. Those are some pretty good reasons for choosing wisely if you need a commercial rig tow!

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The Time to Find Emergency Accident Towing is Before You Need It

The chances are that each of us will need emergency accident towing at least once in our lives. In Utah, most of us have a relative, neighbor, or friend who can help us out of our jam. But if none of these people are available, you’ll need to find a reputable tow company to help you out of your accident emergency.

The first thing most people do is use their smart phone to search the Internet for “emergency accident assistance Utah” or “emergency accident towing Utah”. Doing this will quickly give you a range of options to choose from.  At this point, many people will figure all towing companies are the same, and simply call the first option that comes up in the search results.

But not so fast! Using the first name you see can get you ripped off and cost you much more than an emergency accident towing situation should.

Take a few minutes and do a little detective work to protect you, and your wallet from fraud, rip-offs, and just plain unscrupulous towing companies.

First of all, realize that unscrupulous tow operators know that you – in an emergency accident situation – are vulnerable and likely desperate. After all, that’s why you have to call a towing company in the first place, right?

Towing companies that will take advantage of your situation won’t hesitate to over-charge you. And many of these types of companies also hire poorly trained operators (if they are trained at all) who may damage your vehicle.

Even though Utah has laws to protect you from companies like these, if you get ripped off, good luck trying to get justice or reimbursement. And sometimes, good luck trying to find the towing company at all!

So what to do? Here’s a better idea: don’t wait until you need an emergency accident tow before you start looking for a reputable towing company. Do your research before you need them, and you’ll have a better experience.

When you search on the Internet, look for a Utah towing company that has a physical address. It’s even better if the company also has a website. Also look for a towing company that covers the Utah area you will be travelling in. If you need a tow, you want to be calling a towing company close to your location.

If you find yourself in a emergency accident situation, ask the tow company if they are local to your location. Also be sure to ask for their towing charges to your desired destination, and whether they charge you for the time it takes them to come from their location, to where you are.

It’s normal to want to get out of a distressing situation as quickly as possible. But take a deep breath and slow down when you’re in an emergency accident tow situation. You’ll be glad you did. 

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Fun Facts About 18-Wheeler Tow Trucks

You see them on the road all the time —18-wheeler tow trucks hauling everything from foodstuffs to houses. How much do you really know about these big commercial rigs? Test your knowledge with a few our our Tow Truck Fun Facts!

Did you know...

  • An 18-wheeler tow truck is often called a “semi truck” and also just a “semi”. On these trucks, the truck cab and engine are separate from the trailer bed of the truck. Since the trailer has no front wheels and can be used only when connected to the tractor part of the truck, it's called a semi-trailer. The terms "semi" and "semi truck" evolved from that.
  • Most trailers on an 18-wheeler tow truck are about 53 feet long. The truck cab has brakes that are automatically applied when the trailer is disengaged or unattached to the truck. When the truck is connected to the trailer, and the engine is started up, the truck’s air pump releases the brakes so that the truck can roll down the road.
  • An 18-wheeler tow truck’s engine is designed to run constantly. The only time they need to be shut down is to change the oil, service the engine, or obey municipal idling laws.
  • Most cars hold 4 – 6 quarts of oil. An 18-wheeler tow truck holds 15 quarts or more of oil. Imagine asking your nearest Quik-Change to handle that! 
  • An 18-wheeler tow truck requires approximately 40 times the stopping length of the average automobile.
  • There are about 6 million semi trailers (or tractor trailers) registered for use in the U.S.
  • About 30% of all the 18-wheeler tow trucks operating in the United States are registered in just three states: California, Florida, and Texas.
  • 18-wheeler tow trucks keep the nation running. About 68% percent of all goods in the U.S. are hauled by semi trucks. That’s about 60,000 pounds per American, per year! The two largest commodities by weight are agricultural and building materials.
  • Semi truck operators cover lots and lots of miles in any given year. On the average, drivers will complete trips that total 140,000 miles or more each year.
  • A semi truck can be 20 feet wide or more. Yet drivers routinely maneuver through spaces with mere inches on each side – and never get a scratch on their 18-wheeler tow truck.  

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Ready to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash?

You’ve had some fun times in your old car but – let’s face it – it’s a piece of junk now. Can you still get cash for this car?

You sure can! Selling cars for cash is a great way to get rid of your junk vehicle, clean up Utah, and make some quick spending money on the side. To get the most money for your car as quickly as possible, take these steps:

Find the title

You’d be surprised (or maybe you won’t) how many people try to sell their car for cash without having the title ready for the buyer. But a buyer in Utah (and most other states) can’t do anything without a car title.

So dig out that title from wherever you stashed it. If you can’t find it, you can obtain a copy or replacement title from the Utah DMV.

Calculate the value

How much is your clunker worth? Head online or to your local library and assess the value of your vehicle. The amount of damage and wear-and-tear will affect how much cash you’ll get for your clunker. But anyone who is interested in buying the vehicle will have questions about its damage and its condition. If it’s not running, the only value may be as a salvage vehicle.

Shop around

Call the junkyards in your area but also make sure to call Evans and Sons Towing. You’ll find a range of cash offers for your car, but you’ll also find some of these offers come with conditions.

Some yards don’t pay anything for non-running vehicles or vehicles they have to pick up. Some offers may charge you to pick up the car. Some buyers won’t tell you over the phone what they will offer, and then try to low-ball you when they show up, wasting your time.

You want a buyer, like Evans and Sons Towing, that will give you a fair price, up front, over the phone.  

Deliver Your Car

Now that you have a price, you need to deliver your car. If your vehicle is drivable, you can take it in. If it is not, contact an affordable towing company in your area. Most salvage yards will less for cars that they have to tow in to the yard. Evans and Sons offers cash for all cars and never we’ll come get your clunker for free.

Collect cash for your car

Have your title ready when we come to pick up your car, and our driver will hand you actual cash, on the spot. If you take your car to a salvage yard, or deal with some other towing companies, they may tell you that they’ll send you a check.

Not us! When Evans and Sons Towing tells you we give you “Cash for Cars” that’s exactly what you get!

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Utah Shed Removal Made Easy

The average Utah shed is a candidate for removal more frequently than most homeowners anticipated when they put the shed up.

There are several reasons for this. As our lives change, so do our needs. You may have upgraded your landscaping and want to have a new shed that works with the new layout. Everybody has a tendency to accumulate “stuff” and you may need more space to safely store your garden equipment, sports gear, and other tools and things.

Another thing that factors into Utah shed removal is the harshness of our weather. The heat and freeze cycles of our climate, heavy amounts of snowfall in winter and high-altitude sun in summer all contribute to giving the average Utah shed a beating. Removal may be the only sensible option if the shed is so damaged that it has become unsafe or unsightly.

Shed removal is a big job - so Utah property owners often decide to hire a company to take care of the problem for them. But you’re probably reading this article because you’ve decided to have a go at tearing down and handling the removal of your shed yourself. So here are some tips and hints for the easiest way to go about shed removal, and how to dispose of it in Utah.

  • Before you start swinging your sledgehammer, see if there are any parts of the shed that can be recycled or reused. If the doors and windows are in good condition, you may be able to re-purpose them yourself, or sell them to someone who can use them. You may as well make a little money off your old shed if you can!
  • Once you have salvaged what you can from the shed, begin the removal process. Most Utah communities have some sort of community clean-up once or twice a year. If your shed is small, you may be able to tear it apart in chunks small enough for these events. If not, you will need a truck, tractor, or other vehicle strong enough to be able to pull the building down.
  • Attach a sturdy rope or steel cable to a center beam and tie the other end to your demolition pulling vehicle.
  • Drive slowly away from the building. The shed should collapse slowly, making removal of the debris easier, and causing less mess.
  • To make the clean up and removal less work, chop up the shed beams using a chainsaw. Sort any hazardous materials into a pile to be disposed with according to Utah law.
  • Load up your pickup truck with the debris from your shed removal and take it the nearest Utah landfill. Take hazardous materials to the local disposal facility. Do not dump hazardous materials from your shed removal in any Utah landfill – the fine for doing so is hefty.

All of this may seem like a daunting task. If you’d rather not spend a glorious Utah weekend sweating out a grimy shed removal project, relax and let us do the job for you! 

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Salt Lake drivers: Here’s Your Shed Towing Checklist!

Driving around Salt Lake, you’ll see drivers towing lots of things, even sheds. Towing a shed isn’t technically difficult but it helps to have a checklist of things to keep you, your shed, and everyone else safe and in one piece.

Before you load your shed & hook up to tow...

  • Know your trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating aka (GVWR)

Some sheds are solidly built, and weigh quite a lot. Other sheds are constructed of lightweight building materials, and weigh less than another, smaller shed. Your trailer’s construction needs to be able to handle the weight of the shed without having an axle fail or break. The last thing you need is to be trucking along a busy Salt Lake road, towing your shed – and have the trailer suddenly collapse under the weight.

  • Inflate the trailer’s tires to the trailer manufacturer's maximum recommended cold pressure.

A properly inflated tire will roll faster and smoother. Be careful of the small tires on light-duty trailer - the tiny outside diameter means they spin faster, and get will heat up more quickly. Towing a shed on a hot Salt Lake day could easily overheat the tires or wheel bearings, especially if you’re traveling at high-speeds. 

  • Don’t assume your trailer’s lights are working.

Before you load the shed and start towing, check all. You don’t have to toggle on all the turn signals and brake lights in succession and make four trips to the truck cab. Instead, turn on the parking lights and the hazard flashers at the same time. Walk all around the truck to the back of the trailer. If the parking lights and flashers are on all around, you've got turn signals and brake lights, because they're the same bulb filaments as the hazards.

Loading the shed for towing:

  • Depending on the shed’s location, you may be able to back the truck and trailer right up to it and load the shed in one go.

If you have to load the trailer before hitching it to the truck, try to have the trailer on as level ground as you can find before hitching up the rig. Park the vehicle you'll use to tow the trailer on level ground too.

  • The trailer needs to be hitched to the truck at a 180° angle (flat).

Prop the tongue jack up on some scrap lumber until it's level. You can easily check the level by placing a carpenter's level on the tongue. If you don’t have a carpenter’s level eyeball the trailer tongue from the side from about 50 feet away. Next, measure from the ground to the top of the ball socket. Then measure from the ground to the top of the hitch receiver and add 3 inches to allow for the height of the ball. 

  • The ball is usually a good bit higher than the trailer tongue... 

But the weight of the loaded trailer will compress the towing vehicle’s springs. So hook up everything (with the trailer loaded) and again measure the levels. You'll probably have to adjust the draw bar height again.

On the road

  • Look up before you leave.

There aren’t too many low underpasses on Salt Lake roads, but you should still check the height of the shed you’re towing before you pull out. It’s common for drivers to forget that the height of the shed and trailer is usually higher than the height of the truck. You don’t want to hear that nasty, grinding sound as you enter an underpass, and you realize that you just lost the roof of your shed.

  • Look sideways before you leave.

The shed you’re towing may extend beyond the trailer sides into the next lane. When you’re driving on a busy Salt Lake road, you don’t want to discover the true width of your load by mistake!

  • Allow lots of space for passing.

If your truck does 45 to 65 mph in four to five second, unloaded, it could take as long as 12 to 15 seconds when towing a shed. On a Salt Lake highway, at 60 mph that's an extra 650 to 1,000 feet just to speed up. You’ll also have to allow pulling an extra 15 to 40 feet when overtaking slower traffic.

  • Allow twice the normal buffer zone in front of you.

This can keep you cool & level-headed when some bozo inevitably cuts you off in heavy Salt Lake traffic, as you’re towing your shed.

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Snow accident towing keeps us busy in Utah winters

When the winter snow piles up in Utah, the accident numbers pile up too. Winter accidents are common on the highways and in the Utah backcountry, and snow accidents often require towing services of an experienced tow company.

Some accidents are caused by inexperience, but a surprising numbers of snow accidents that require towing in Utah are caused by just simply not paying attention. Every year, our drivers at Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing are kept extra busy because of the demand for towing services to pull Utah drivers out of snow-filled ditches and snowbanks after an accident or a slide.

We’re usually busy during a snowstorm, but a lot of drivers get caught by surprise after a snowstorm has passed. Snow-packed roads and icy conditions can look deceptively safe, and people are often lulled into driving faster than they should, especially under those tricky winter conditions.

And nighttime can be a super-busy time for us. This is when drivers can’t see as well, or when they may be a little tired and their reflexes aren’t as quick as they are during the day, During a big Utah snow dump, accident victims will call for towing all night, and into the wee hours of the morning.

While careful driving techniques go a long way to keep you safe on the road, unexpected weather or vehicle problems can still happen. Be sure you always have an emergency roadside kit with winter supplies, in your vehicle. If an emergency should develop on the road, having the right supplies while you wait for your tow truck to arrive, will keep you safer and a lot more comfortable.

A well-stocked emergency kit should include a cell phone and car charger; blankets; flashlight with extra batteries; a first-aid kit; drinking water; a small shovel; a sack of sand, cat litter or traction mats; windshield scraper and brush; battery booster cables; and emergency flares or reflectors.

However if, in spite of your best efforts, you find yourself in need of some expert towing help, remember that we offer 24-hour tow service. While many people are sleeping sound and warm in your beds, we’ll be awake, ready to provide towing services for all those slip-sliding cars and vehicles on our snow-filled Utah roads! 

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Towing a shed in Utah?

Are you interested in towing a shed to a new location in Utah?

Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing has special equipment specifically designed and manufactured for towing a shed or other small building and transporting it safely to another location in Utah.

Shed towing can fall into three rough categories:

Moving from one address to another – This involves the use of a trailer for towing the shed. The shed is transported from one Utah location to another, on a flatbed trailer. For this type of towing, access big enough for a truck and trailer (about the size of a large RV) is required).

Combination move – Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing will move the shed on the ground, by hand, for a short distance. The rest of the move is accomplished by towing the shed the rest of the way.

Disassembly and reassembly (D&R) move – This type of move is used when there is no room to get the towing vehicle into the yard to get the shed out. The shed must be completely disassembled, and towed to its new location in pieces. The shed is then reassembled in the new location. This is the most expensive type of move because of the time and labor involved.

Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing has years of experience towing sheds in Utah, but here are a few things you can do to make our life (and yours!) easier before we arrive:

-          Trim back overhanging tree branches from around the shed that needs towing. Do the same for shrubs and bushes around the building. His will help reduce the chances of damaging the shed during the move.

-          Prepare the surface in the new location. The annual freeze-thaw cycle in Utah means that the ground shed’s foundation should be prepared before towing. Have a stone pad, concrete slab, or concrete pillars in place, and ready to place the shed on.

-          Measure the shed before calling for a towing estimate. Also have the Utah pick-up and destination addresses handy for an accurate quote.

-          We can also move a garden gazebo, swing set, play set, or any other small structure.

If you’re buying a new home and to take your shed with you, or if you just want to move your shed to a different location in your yard – it’s easy! Just call Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing at (801) 975-9422  for a quote on towing your shed in Utah. 

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Cash for Cars service helps Salt Lake City's environment

Many Salt Lake Valley municipalities are more and more concerned about the problem of disposing of unwanted vehicles in their communities. Salvage vehicles are an eyesore, and are often left abandoned in empty lots, or left to fall apart in plain view.

Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing “Cash for Cars” service offers vehicle owners in Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake Valley area an easy way to get cash for their unwanted car, truck, or suv, and take care of cleaning up their community at the same time.

Our cash for cars service recycles everything on the salvage vehicle that can be saved and reused or recycled. Parts that still have serviceable life will be repurchased as a cost-effective replacement and an alternative to buying new. Parts that can be refurbished will be sold for re-manufacturing. Vehicle fluids, such as oil and anti-freeze, will be recycled or disposed of in environmentally sound ways.

All of this means that your old, ugly, unwanted vehicle will help reduce amount of raw materials and energy needed to produce new parts, and reduce environmental impact. When you take advantage of Evans and Sons Auto and Vehicle Towing’s “Cash for Cars” service, you help protect the environment, beautify your neighborhood, and improve your family’s standard of living.

Some car owners choose to dismantle their vehicle themselves, spend hours on the phone looking for the best prices, and then spend more hours dragging the parts from salvage yard to salvage yard, to make a few bucks. That’s the hard way to get cash for your car!

The easy way to get cash for cars really couldn’t be easier. Just pick up the phone and call us. We’ll give you a fair, honest quote for your junk vehicle, and we’ll even tow your junk car for free. When our driver arrives, they’ll hand you cash for your car, and tow your old, ugly vehicle away. It’s really that easy!

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